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Unmetered bandwidth 

The prominent feature regarding the web hosting wordpress comprise the performance of unlimited category in addition to the uptime that could be regarded as unbeatable as far as their competitors relate. Moreover, the management pertaining to the WORDPRESS hosting consist of bandwidth that is comprehended to be unmetered, the speed of unmatched sort, then the element of security considered as un stoppable and on the top of all the multi-site management which is referred to as highly intuitive. 

Woo-commerce specific 

In relation to the web hosting wordpress it could be stated that the performance may be regarded as the full stack one, there are some elements which would be stated here now: the performance could comprise the CPUs that are referred to high frequency. This is carried out in order to carry out processing the word-press in addition to the queries which are comprehended to be Woo-commerce-specific. 

Burst scaling 

There is management of image that is considered to be of premium quality, this entails saving of money with regard to storage, and this without giving sacrifice of the performance. The prominent companies in the business would be creating the thumbnails in connection with the fly as well as transparently cause data compression of data in conjunction with the rest. Another worth mentioning feature is related to the burst scaling of the automated sort, this comprehends the act of cruising pertaining to the traffic spike and this without causing breakage of a sweat. 

Backed up, real time 

The global distribution feature could be referred to as encasing the international edge cache in addition to CDN, this being energised by more than a score of companies all across the multiple continents, thus placing the content highly close to the visitors in the best possible manner. The well rated companies do set their motto that the element of failure is not an option for their team. Every portion of the client’s site could be discovered to be backed up in terms of real time. 

The architecture 

The restoration pertaining to a single file would be asking for simply a single click. It may be kept in mind by the client that every site made by the company would be replicated in terms of the real time and this in connection with the another data centre in different area. This architecture would be ascertaining the time of almost 100 percent as far as the client site relates. 

Dual monitors 

Then the client could look forward to the round the clock technical support, inclusive of SEO service Australia, this means that at the time the client feels stuck with a certain affair, then they could expect that the happiness engineers of the company would be there to aid them. There would be such companies that would profess emphatically that they belong to that category of companies in Australia which are loaded with dual monitors. 


Consequently they could refer to themselves as the fastest wordpress bench inside the Australian land. As far as the feature of extensibility relates it comprises multiple offerings in terms of technical help that the company could extend to the client. The client could begin with the support of greater than fifty thousand plugins in addition to themes that are employed to build on. Though the client has free hand in connection with starting with their own plugins and themes. 

WP-CLI commands 

The running of WP-CLI commands, the automation of the repetitive tasks in addition to the element of troubleshooting regarding the custom code could be accomplished. All this would be performed through the use of the tools which are already in use by the client. Then the feature of staging sites would be comprising the identification as well as fixing the vulnerabilities prior to their impact on the client’s live site. There would be encountered the advanced features of the jetpack format as well, more than five million among the users trust the jetpack in order to perform levelling up pertaining to their sites and this could be achieved through the additional degree of security, the performance on top of the features related to the company growth. 

Activity log, free certification 

The features housed within the security element provided by the companies in connection with SEO service Australia consist of DDOS & WAF safety; malware scanning with elimination; real time-based activity log; and free SSL certification.