It is obvious that advertisements are really playing a huge role in forming and stabilising a company. You might think it is utter waste of time and money to think of spending the money in advertising. But it is not! It is considered as an investment that will make you grow much more than expected. But, a good advertisement should have emotions and be more manipulative. If you give your audiences, an advertisement just for the sake of having an advertisement for your product, then; get ready to get the losses and kisses of losing. It can be a turning point for your product. Nowadays, the products do not hold much validity for their quality. It is the advertisement, packing of your own product and miscellaneous things like that which will attract people more than you could imagine.

Do the government or the film certification board have a censorship board like they do for films?
Most of the people accept the fact that sexuality is the chief core concept of everyone’s advertisement these days. Most of the female activist also known as the feminists groups are highly against it. They speak for equity of genders. For example, in most of the perfume advertisements, you will find that they have always given a portrait of females flocking to the man wearing the perfume and falling heads over heel with the person. And would drop their dresses at the nod of his head. This is seriously wrong and is basically trying to connect sex appeal with the perfume in the persons head before the person even had tried the perfume. That way, the person is more prone to buy and get influenced to buy the perfume before they could even smell and test. There is a similar method of advertising but it is more into the electronic world controlled by the agencies like digital marketing agency Abu Dhabi. These things make the pages or any kind of development of the companies’ digital sources more appealing, leading to the increase in customers.

Is this called manipulation and cheating?
It can vary according to the people. The person who is gaining profit would call it a form of business. Let’s face the truth here, it is business that is making money for them. They will do anything to get the money and steady supply of income.  This is world and reality. We do not have people out of blue, trying to come up with evidences to stop someone. It can be called manipulative because after studying about something, the people are exploiting and using that knowledge to the downfall of another being in their own species.