Looking for new ways to engage your potential and existing customers on a more personal level? Therein lies the heart of good content marketing. The simple fact is that customers, now more than ever, have information literally at their fingertips. Studies show that prior to purchasing, more than 80% will go online to do their research. Not only can they browse the manufacturer’s site, but can now also search for customer reviews, forums that discuss it, and directly contact others online that have used said product. It’s a fantastic time to be a consumer, really. As a result of this, the quality of products and services have really needed to be given a facelift in many cases.

Running the gauntlet of SEO can be confusing and difficult, so many outsource SEO practices. Other online mediums can also be adapted by savvy businesses, to create an online presence that allows their customers (potential or current) to feel more personally connected with them.

We have put together a list of the top five content marketing tips that any business can utilise, no matter the budget:
1.    Make sure your writing is both quality and uniform across all mediums. The content that you use tells your story, so whether it’s something as short as a tweet to a lengthy how-to guide, make sure the quality of the writing matches your brand, and tells the same story across the board.
2.    Respond to your audience. If someone leaves a post on your business’s Facebook page, for example, answer them. It usually takes very little time, and will not only have a positive effect on that person but anyone else who sees it. Of course, this may not be possible for every single post, but make it a point to answer as many as you have time for.
3.    Images equal an increased engagement. As much as you can, use good (and relevant) images. You can even upload ‘behind the scenes’ photos, which are proven to help solidify your fans with your brand. You become ‘humanised’ and not just another company.
4.    Think of a way to get your customers to share their experiences with your page. That could be through competitions that encompass a photo of them with your product in some way. You don’t need to give away a car for this to be effective, either.

Start building your relationships with customers today, and you’ll most certainly reap the rewards in the future. Finally, if you’re looking to get on board as SEO resellers in Singapore, be sure to check out SEO Company Singapore.